Istiklal Caddesi | Istanbul, Turkey | Where the idea for Off the Road was conceived.

Istiklal Caddesi | Istanbul, Turkey | Where the idea for Off the Road was conceived.

Off the Road is the brainchild of Dave Jaques who felt inspired to combine his passions for travel, writing, and photography, but grew tired of redundant blogs and new stories.

He was born in Oakland, California, the youngest of two brothers. Quickly, his family relocated to Chicago where Dave first developed his passions for the written word. He attended the Francis W. Parker School but then heard the crisp Vermont mountain air call his name at the University of Vermont where he honed and expanded his literary skills by studying English and Film.

After 24 years in the United States, he heeded the advice of his family who told him he needed to see the world to understand it. To help him on his quest to be a better person he began teaching in a small town outside of Istanbul, Turkey.

Drained after receiving over 50 mosquito bites in his first week, Dave moved to Istanbul and began writing and editing full-time in various capacities. From editing finance documents to writing travel stories, he blossomed. While using Turkey as his home base, Dave went to over 30 countries and interviewed shopkeepers, CEOs, and anyone in between that was willing to tell their story.

His work has appeared in various websites and literary magazines. If you want to read about his time in Istanbul or learn more about common sites and life in Turkey go here where he was a contributing writer and editor for over two years. You can also find some of his travel writing online here.

After living in three continents and having met people and seen communities all over the globe, his life has come full circle by returning to Oakland he continues to document his travels, stories, opinions, and photographs until he packs up again.

Dave Jaques has written about everything from European agriculture to African development. While travel, humor, gastronomy, and art take up most of his time, multiple journals have published Dave's creative non-fiction and fiction, as well as his photography.

You can hear his voice gracing podcasts. Or, even on YouTube, where he pretends to know about whiskies. When Dave's not chasing down, reading, or photographing stories, he's playing basketball & rugby, hiking, cooking, and traveling as far off the grid as he can go.